Volunteer involvement

The Mainz secondary school Theresianum Gymnasium ranks among the top 20 schools in Germany. Since 1985, the school has had its iconic logo of the 14-cornered shape of the school building, which stands as a symbol of the worldly and Christian aspects of the school community. Now, a fresh wind of change that has come with the new school board will also be visually reflected. The school image has been sensitively adapted and standardised, shining a more colourful and friendlier light on the school. 

Designing and implementing this project on a voluntary basis is a matter of personal importance to us since, rather than experiencing the school as a dehumanised educational machine, we have come to know and value it as a school of life, where close dialogue and great dedication is lived between the students and teachers beyond the limits of everyday school life. 

Deutsche Bank communicates its community commitment in the area of corporate social responsibility. Many projects in this area are looked after on a voluntary basis by employees of the company. Among these are calls to participate in type-testing campaigns for bone marrow donations, fundraisers for disadvantaged children and teenagers, and more. Since these projects often have to make do with limited budgets, we support them free of charge. 


Another focus of my personal social commitment is in Kenya. Once a year I shift from my office in Mainz to Nairobi to drum up enthusiasm among young people there to learn about my profession and the work opportunities it entails. The creative potential in Kenya alone is enormous. However, in comparison to here, education is extremely expensive, making it almost exclusively the realm of the successful elite. In an unbureaucratic way, I support talented and creative young people who lack the financial means by providing free software training, practical work experience and hardware for their work. The long-term goal of my involvement is to build a private, cost-free academy for graphic design in Nairobi that is run by volunteers. 

Beyond this, we are always keen to provide our professional support to individual projects where people selflessly commit themselves to helping others.


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